NANOPRO CANADA are the sole CANADA distributor for the manufacturer Nano Technologies, which develop their products under the brand of NANOPRO, deals with manufacturing the molecules at the nanometric level. It is one of the best nano ceramic car surface coating manufacturing companies on the market today, currently. You can apply these coatings on many of your car or marine surfaces such as paintwork, glass, plastics, metal surfaces also.

Why Choose Us ?!

Some of the features which NANOPRO coatings own, are quite outstanding. NANOPRO coatings assure the complete safety for anything which you want to treat. These coatings are quite easy to apply and can be used by anyone. The materials used in making of NANOPRO are of high quality and durable which make it hard to remove. Irrespective of the weather conditions or high and low temperatures of the environment of your location, these coatings cover your surfaces providing the extreme protection and cater for the most sensitive accessories.